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    Email webstats and convert to pdf

    I have a client who does not want to login to there cpanel account and go through there there weblogs each month but wants me to email them each month a copy of the report in pdf format. I think the reason is there are just not computer savy and
    cpanel scares them. In my reseller accout I have access to


    Most have a good 1 single page report that I could use and you can work out the url each month eg /reporta/webalizer/jan/report.html

    But I was trying to work out how to automate the download and saveing of the page and turning the file in to a pdf and then emailing it I could look to do it on my linux host but I think I have access to a spare windows PC if any one has some ideas let me know. I am looking at a few command line pdf converters at the moment.

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    I think htmldoc should do the trick.
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    Funny I did just try but did not think much about it and did not lick how it was licensed I have been testing this morning useing curl and then wget to download the file but it would appear there is a bug in the current version of wget when you tell it to download a file and fix the links. At the moment I am just testing pdf995's
    html2pdf995 where you can pass a url at the run time.

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