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    Need a dedicated with FireWall

    Right now I am using for a dedicated with firewall. Actually I think that it is more of a router using NAT but it works. Are there any other companies out there that provide a firewall at a decent price? Damn seems to provide better support for shared hosting customers than they do for dedicated.

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    what exactly is "a decent price"
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    That depends. I am looking to spend about 300.00 per month. I must have U320 SCSI drives. Most of all I need somone to be available 24/7. does not even have people available on Sundays. I do have to say though that the people that are there know what they are doing.

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    you can try theplanet
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    Originally posted by thelinuxguy
    you can try theplanet
    I'll check them out. I also paid a visit to your site. I may use your services at some point. I am able to do the work myself but your prices are so good it may just be worth it to save me some time.

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    Check out
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