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    Seeking for a job (TechSupport)

    Holovatyuk Sergey
    Date of birth: 03/08/1981
    Education: Vinnitsa Technical National University.
    Profession: Master of Computer Sciences. (Network technologies).
    Languages: English, Russian.
    Location: Vinnitsa, Ukraine
    Experiences: I have been working in hosting business for 4 years. I started working as Technical support of hosting company. I have been working as Supervisor and Level 2 support for the 2 years.

    I performed a configuration of Windows 2003 servers and Linux based servers. A lot of problems were solved during this time (Server crashes, DDoS attacks, SPAM, Overloading, Kernel compilation etc).
    Linux based servers (RedHat 9; RedHat Enterprise 3,4; CentOs 3,4)
    Apache – Expert.
    PHP – Advanced.
    MySQL – Advanced.
    cPanel/WHM – Expert.
    Plesk – Advanced.
    Bind – Expert.
    Good knowledge in DNS, Exim, QMail, PureFTP, MRTG, apf&iptables (Firewall), Perl, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage Extensions, Chrootkit, Rkhunter etc.
    Good knowledge in installation of any types of software from sources and RPM.
    Windows 2003 based servers
    IIS – Expert
    Helm – Advanced
    ASP – Advanced
    Good knowledge in DNS, MailEnable, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage Extensions, ASP components.
    Good knowledge in installation of any types of ASP components.
    Good knowledge in monitoring of Windows 2003 servers.
    Virtual Dedicated servers technology.
    Server configuration.
    Upgrading servers to Virtuozzo 2.6.1
    Configuring and managing of VPS.

    A lot of other experiences I’ll tell you by private contact.
    Working time: Any time. I can shift my schedule without any problems.
    Contacts: serj_golova at inbox dot ru
    ICQ: 42535708
    AIM: holserge
    MSN: serj_golova at inbox dot ru

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    How much would you take as salary basis just for php?


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    Contact me via e-mail or AIM and I'll tell you the salary.

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