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    Alternatives to meta and Apache redirects

    What is a good way to set redirects for 150+ pages and directories? Right now we have them being redirected using the meta tags, however it clutters up the server since they are in the root folder. Setting it in the Apache config file is an option, however then we would have to give the web programmers constant access to the server which might be a problem.

    I have been looking into using .httaccess, is this a good method? Any other methods possible?

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    I think that using .htaccess would be a good option. You could possibly use PHP or something similar to dynamically redirect pages based on certain criteria depending on what you're doing so you don't have to have all them pages/directories. Have the pages just been moved, and you're redirecting them all to their new locations or something else?

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    It's kind of a big huge mess right now.

    We switched to a new domain name about 10months ago so some of the old addresses are being forwarded to the new one, others are redirected to the main index page. Then we have some stuff running off Filemaker on a different server, which are the pages that I want to redirect to. Something like is redirected to the Filemaker server, where it does a find or whatever they have set it up to do, and it pulls up a customized page for you. Right now we have 150+ directories in the root folder with just a single index page in them with a single line in the meta tag to do the redirect.

    Nothing PHP/dynamic running at the moment, they've been trying to set up a "dynamic" site but using only PHP includes, which to me sort of seems to be just complicating things even more without doing it correctly.

    I'm in the IT dept and we've been pretty good at keeping ourselves away from the web group but when they want more than ftp access to our servers I felt it might be prudent to make sure we were doing the right thing.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm going to look into htaccess a bit more now.

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