With summer coming around, its now the perfect time to get your boxes updated so you can be out rather then worrying about the security of your boxes.

Our power security plan:

Limit compiler & fetch utilities access to root only
Correct folder permissions to prevent directory transversal
Host.conf hardening
sysctl hardening
Noexec, Nosuid temporary directories
Chkrootkit & RkHunter Installation
Installation and configuration of APF firewall
Kernel update (w/grsecurity add $10 dollars)
Disable of dangerous php functions
BFD Installation
Update all server/control panel software
Disabling Unused Services
PRM Installation
System Integrity monitor
Samhain Configuration
Check/secure configuration defaults on common services
RPM Package Audit
Default User Audit
Default Group Audit
Email Virus Scanning Configuration
Enforce LCAP limitations
Enhanced path protection
Remove SUID/GUID from select binaries

All for only $100USD

Make sure you stay secure!! Remember kids, you can do the same and follow tutorials on the net.. but the difference comes in with the configuration. We test each configuration extensively!

We offer an proactive update plan for only $25USD per month per server. Updates will be applied within 24 hours of being released after our extensive testing to ensure your server's sanity.

Kernel upgrades starting at only $20USD!!!!

Upgrade your Centos 3.x boxes to Centos 4 today!! Cpanel now supports centos 4!! $50USD

Migrations to other operating systems are available.

Our hourly rate for trobleshooting/software installation/etc is only $30USD

Windows services coming soon...

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