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    Selling profitable ladder/league site (

    I am looking to sell, a ladder and league site that offers cash prizes to users, and has extensive features. I am looking to sell the site, as I do not have enough time to publicize it, and run it at the moment.

    The site is profitable, as entry to the leagues can be chargeable, with prizes offered being less than the sum of the entry money.

    Financial Details:

    If you charge 10 per league signup, and have 100 players per league, then you'll take in 1,000 per league. If you offer 750 for first-prize and 50 for second-prize, then you'll make 200 per league.

    Each league lasts 2 months (roughly), and so you could make 1,200 per league per year. If you have say 20 leagues, the owner of the site could have 24,000 profit per year. In addition to which, if you added Google AdSense to the site or some other advertising program, you could generate additional revenue, i.e. $50,000 per annum.

    With no setup costs, and no costs other than publicity, you could make 500 in as little as a week.

    I can't easily prove the revenue details, as the financial details are integrated with the parent company, Saints Servers Limited. The maths is simple enough though. Depending on how many visitors you attract, or how much you charge for league entry, would alter the total revenue.

    Site Statistics:

    I can prove statistics with Awstats screenshots:

    Package Details:
    • all the self-coded PHP pages (about 150 or so)
    • rest of the site files (including .xls templates and game file downloads)
    • MySQL schema/layout, both current and 'blank' (in a .sql file)
    • a year's hosting with
    • domain account details on 123-reg, due to expire April 06
    • all rights to Ownage-Gaming, and exclusive use of the files

    Feature Details:
    • User Options:
      login/logout, account creation/deletion, site profile (+ edit), submit POTW, join existing team, forgot password and quit team
    • Team Options (with different access levels, including 'scheduler'):
      account creation/deletion, team profile (+ edit), upcoming matches, past matches, reserve server, join/quit ladder/league, challenge team, view challenges, submit demos, buy credits and post score
    • Multiple Site Admin Levels:
      Picture of the Week (POTW): add/edit/remove
      Ban Team
      Ban User
      Change Team Credits
      Match of the Week
      Add/Remove/Edit Ladder/League
      Get Active (e-mails all teams)
    • Backend functions:
      Auto-proessing of ladder-based matches, with modified ELO rating
      Auto-processing of league-based matches
      Sending e-mails on signficant events (i.e. being banned, match score posted)
    • Other pages:
      Polls (with administrative panel), Files, About, Chat, POTW Archive, Ladder Rating Method, Help, Contact, Archived News
    • Ladder/League Pages
      public team profiles, standings, winners, demos, match results, calendar, rules, search and team list

    There are a few other features and backend aspects which I have probably forgot to include in the list above (such as multiple league seasons permitted), so feel free to ask about a particular feature.

    While the site does have a forum, with about 100 users, and a current user database of 700 or so, with 100 or so teams, you can feel free to ask for a 'clean site', with no users/teams.

    Webhosting that comes with the site (provided by includes:

    • 1Gb of web space
    • Full FTP Access
    • 20Gb monthly bandwidth allowance
    • Awstats web traffic statistics
    • Spam and virus scanned e-mail
    • 5 MySQL databases
    Additional Details:

    If the site is run well and has publicity, you could quickly provide ladders and leagues for many games, and make a decent monthly profit.

    The buyer will receive an e-mail from me, with all of the necessary FTP, domain and SQL admin details. The buyer will also have the option of receiving all the necessary files via CD in the post, instead of having to download them.

    Please do not ask if you can 'buy the script separately'. If you only want the script (which is the most valuable part of the package), please buy the package as a whole, then you are free to do what you like with the domain name and logos.

    Reply here, e-mail me, or PM me if you are interested in making an offer. It can be in or $ (USD). I accept PayPal, NOCHEX, bank transfers and cheques.

    I am willing to sell the site immediately for 300 ($550).

    Hopefully all of the above details are clear, however if there are any questions, please ask. I am often online, and many additional contact details can be found on the site itself. I only use if, as I don't want to make any guarantees.

    Note: obviously, you can view more the site by visiting, and exploring round the site!
    Professional UK-based internet services
    including: game servers, web hosting, shoutcast streaming and reseller packages

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    I am now willing to sell this site for 200. Additionally, I am willing to offer anyone 10% of the final sale price if they help me sell the site (for a value of 250 or more).

    Apart from that, not much has changed with the original listing. The site is still up and can be checked out at

    Feel free to PM or reply to this post,

    Professional UK-based internet services
    including: game servers, web hosting, shoutcast streaming and reseller packages

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