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    500,000 above-the-fold leaderboard impressions targeting IT professionals dirt cheap

    I'd just like to make you guys aware of an auction that I'm running on eBay.

    A half million impressions - above-the-fold 728x90 leaderboards - available in my media kit for $5,000 - starting the bidding at only $250!

    Happy bidding

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    anything smaller? Would be interested in trying it. -

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    Well here's the deal You can purchase any custom campaign from my media kit at at any time.

    However, if this first auction of mine works out, the plans are to every week or two, auction off a new premade campaign at a dirt cheap price.

    For example, this week's "crazy auction deal" is 500,000 run of site leaderboards. Next week's "crazy auction deal" might be 25,000 MS Windows-targeted skyscrapers. And so on and so forth

    The idea of the auctions is to stir interest in my advertising campaigns. Hopefully I'll get a group of "followers" who will continuously check the auction of the week to see if it's something they're interested in. If not, maybe they'll go ahead with a custom campaign off of my media kit.

    Keep in mind though, the idea is to make the auctions not custom-tailored (i.e. how many of what type of ad you want) but to sell them at ridiculously low prices.

    For example, this is a $5,000 campaign and the current bid (as of right now) is only $250! Where else can you get 500,000 above-the-fold leaderboard impressions that are guaranteed to target 500,000 different people (if you'd so desire, you have full control over frequency capping), have extensive reporting capabilities, can be spread over any time period you want, and completely target I.T. professionals and computer enthusiasts, all for this price??

    As previously mentioned, if this auction goes well, look forward to more in the future - each one offering a completely different special. Some big, some small.

    However, if this auction doesn't go as well as I'd hoped (i.e. not very many people show an interest or bid) then the winner of this one will be one very lucky person He'll snatch up the only chance to have such a deep discount on one of our ad campaigns.

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    neat, good deal.

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    There's only an hour left to this thing now, too. It really is such a steal! Happy bidding!

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