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    New Hosting Template for sale! Best one yet.

    After about a week and a half of start and stop working on this design, I finally finished it. I do believe this is one of my best layouts yet, and hope you guys think so too!

    The price is not 100% set in my mind, but I would like to get at least 200.00 for this one. I have someone interested in it already, but I told the guy I wanted to post it here and give you guys a chance to buy it if anyone is interested. After all, you guys' comments is part of the payoff of finishing a design!

    The layout includes the following:

    Fully layered (~300 layers) Index page .PSD
    Fully-layered (~300 layers) Inside page .PSD
    All fonts used
    All rights

    Index page:

    Inside page:

    The navigation was designed as an easy-to-work-with flash navigation if the buyer so desired. Since i'm no flash guru, I made it have a flash "look" without actually doing the flash. This layout would work wonderfully with some flash implementation.

    The monitors you see were done completely in photoshop. No 3d here. There is a larger version of the monitor included in the .PSD on the index page (roughly 200px by 200px). There is also a larger version of the PC used, roughly 500px by 500px).

    If interested, you can PM me or just reply here and i'll check back often! Thanks.

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    Amazing design. Best of luck with the sale!

    Steven Billings
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    Very nice design, easily worth $200.


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    Very nice, well done I especially like the header.

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    very very nice, good luck with your sale.!

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    In firefox the computer on the left is chopped up.

    Dont know if its me or what

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    having the same issue in firefox. Other then that, great design!

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    Thanks for letting me know, guys.

    Problem should be fixed now, let me know if any more problems occur!

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    Realy amazing

    I like it very much.
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    Hope it sells, good work.

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    geat job rock1127, i love the clean look, best of luck with the sale!

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    PM sent. Please check.
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    Replied to PM

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    yep, seems to fixed looking great with firefox, good luck on the sale!

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    Thanks, guys.

    I have a current offer of 200.00 from ushdlew, and will finalize the sale with him tonight when I return home from work if no one else is interested. If someone else is interested, reply or PM me with your offer and i'll get back to you. Thanks.

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    It should be sliced up and coded quick in HTML for $200 =)
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    A Canadian company providing top notch site hosting, servers and colocation services

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    Alright, layout is (hopefully) sold to ushdlew.

    I will reply when transaction has been made! Thanks for all the interest and compliments on the design. I'll begin another one shortly.

    If anyone sees this and would like me to undergo a custom hosting template for them as my next project, please contact me via PM. Thanks.

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    Very Nice Bud Excellent piece of work.

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    Yes, i'm still awaiting a reply from ushdlew. If anyone else is interested let me know, and i'll PM you if ushdlew never contacts me back.

    Not that I doubt ushdlew, but it's always nice to have a back-up

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