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    CPanel Resellers for sale

    26 Resellers

    These are various packages, all fit on two 56 gig home partitions easily with a lot of room to spare

    10 Monthly: $667.90 X12 months= 8014.80
    2 Quarterly:$56.80 X4 months= 227.20
    2 Semi-Annually: $107.40 X2 months= 214.80
    4 Annually: $661.50

    Total Incoming: $9118.3 annually

    Server 1
    HOME - 59G 15G used
    Server 2
    HOME - 56G 9G used

    These are mostly (80 percent) very very long time customers and as long as they are hosted in the states they will stay with you.

    All customers use either static payments through modernbill to 2checkout, or are long term customers on recurring 2checkout. Absolutely no PayPal or Money order customers.

    This does not include income from domain registrations from these customers and will be part of the sale.

    I will add to this thread single domain customers and full accounting of domain registrations as I get to it today.

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    Interested. PM or email me additional details please.

    Best regards,
    David Wieland -

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    Hi David, please PM me the details you need. There are obviously a lot of details, tried to overview above but it would make it a lot easier if you asked for information I could then colate and send in return.

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    Sent you a PM David, I think you're going to be interested in the offer, it is parallel with your services and is also on the same network. You might find the ease of this to be worth your time.

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    Please could you pm me with more details, e.g. the domain name, whether it is included in sale, and where the servers are located / how much etc.
    Olly | INX-Gaming
    Call of Duty 4 hosting

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    Hi Oliver, the domain right now isn't a part of the sale, but might be if the single domain customers and all domains are added (About 50 single domain customers). The servers are located in two places, California (HE) and Iowa (TeamNet). The servers run about 180 a month with IPS (Times 2).

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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I don't suppose you have an msn / isq / aim contact I could ask these questions on?

    We're very interested.
    Olly | INX-Gaming
    Call of Duty 4 hosting

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    I sent you my aim address Oliver.

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    Tally of shared accounts:

    6 4.95 a month accounts = $356.40
    2 17.95 a month accounts = $430.80
    2 9.95 a month accounts = $238.80
    1 26.70 semi annually accounts = $53.40
    19 50.50 annually accounts = $959.50
    6 70 annually accounts = $420.00
    1 119.30 annual account = $119.30
    1 179.40 annual account = $179.40
    1 107.40 annual account = 107.40
    2 120 annual account = $240.00
    1 191.30 annual account = $191.30
    1 59.60 semi-annual account = $119.20

    total annual income from single domain accounts = $3415.50

    Domain Registrations are next

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    22 domains in MB
    2 2 yr
    20 1 yr

    The rest are free domains for promotions totalling about $350.00 in sales

    If you're fast and you can offer in the range of 25k I would be interested in selling the whole lot.

    Hosting site
    Image hosting site (8300 members - free)
    Graphic Forum (Number one in google)
    2 vb liscenses (Owned)
    mb leased with most customers

    Again, all of this resides on two servers with overhead of 400 a month (High)

    Edited to note those were owned vb's
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    Keep in mind that this is a lot more than I can account for in a 12 hour time period accounting for all of this.

    The hosting side has a long standing and impecable reputation here and outside of webhostingtalk.

    The graphic community is 5 years old and well known.

    The image hosting side is very popular and considered one of the most stable.

    This is to the best of my ability with the available tools I have at my disposal. All of it is as accurate and complete as I can make it. There is no "Rounding up" here.

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    Reason selling: Wife and I have decided to take a shortcut (Another industry will gross us 8500 to 10000 a month (We've done it before but it's rough), but to pay off our mortgage and move out of this damned place (California) we chose to not wait for the above services to grow to the point of hitting that income monthly, so hence the sale.

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    How much are you looking to sell for?
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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    Send info via pm.
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    Originally posted by Sheps
    How much are you looking to sell for?
    Hi Sheps, I'm looking to sell the whole lot in the range of 20k to 25k.

    There is a solid offer of 14k on the hosting side, but I'm holding off to also sell the image hosting and the graphic community. There are two companies actively attempting to buy the graphic community, this is a signifigant part of what I'm trying to sell all this for due to its ranking.

    At first I was looking to sell part of this (The hosting side), and hang onto the traffic generators. Now, I would like to make the transition fully out of the industry. I've put a lot of time and money into this, a lot of sweat and tears but it's time that I move on.

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    Local customer just contacted me and is offering 10k for just the resellers. We are meeting them today for the sale, last chance. If you want the resellers and the single customers I'll sell for 15k for the entire hosting side, related domains, 1 vb, modernbill install AND the image hosting site.

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    wow 2.5 years revenue ,

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    Revenue is 16,000 annually. The accounting I did does not take all sales into account as I only posted what I could verify. Our 2checkout accounts clearly shows 16 plus revenue per year increasing from 2001.

    We are leaving now to meet with the local buyer.

    If anyone is interested in the shared side (revenue about 4 thousand, and domains about 400) please contact me via pm. The forum has an offer of 6k and I think even Inet would be interested in it. Once the sale is done today I'll redirect this thread into another sale. I needed to sell all of these together but this is not going to happen now. If you were interested in the resellers they are sold.

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    I'm interrested by your shared hosting clients.
    You said that total income is:
    "total annual income from single domain accounts = $3415.50"
    I will offer you 10 months of income.

    If resellers accounts are not sold, i will offer the same thing.

    Please contact me by pm.
    Emeric Olenga
    - Founder and CEO -
    In Hosting Since 7 Years! (1999)! Click here to see our Uptime

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    Hi Nationalhost, the resellers were sold today. The single accounts went along with them due to the amount they were sold for. Thanks for everyone's responses and interest, it was a good sale.

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    You got me curious to know what is the other industry you're planning to get into.....
    Want to sell domain names? Sign up today for an reseller account from a trusted eNom ETP provider.
    * We provide support and service to over 3245 happy eNom domain name and SSL certificate resellers!

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    Hi Mr Zippy, an industry that I have worked in before. Its a traveling job with little or no overhead. Transportation related.

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    Thank you for the comment Hillary. I am positive it is a good direction.

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