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    Moving from Fedora C2 to CentOS


    We are gettng a new server very soon, but inforently the host we will be going with does not support FC2, so instead we are going with CentOS because we heard it's very similiar to FC2. Is this true? What are some main differences? Are the SSH comands (pico, ect..) still the same? Also, our of curiosity, do you preffer CentOS or FC2? What other OS's that are similar and easy to learn is close to Fedora Core?

    Any info on this would be appreciated!


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    I prefer centos. Fedora is more of a test bed for redhat enterprise (centos). The commands are exactly the same.
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    CentoOS is a Linux RedHat Enterprise derived operating system, and therein in a very good choice for someone not wanting to pay for the hole RH ES subscription but still wanting the robustness that comes with a enterprise class OS.

    Like thelinuxguy says, Fedora is a bleeding edge (very very up2date) os, this is good for someone wanting ALL the new features, but not that bothered about 100% stability.

    You're move to CentOS should be a good one, the commands are the same and general Linux layout does not change, you shouldn't have many problems at all.

    And if you do, this WHT community seems very good, I'm sure someone will lend some advise.
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    I also say Centos is the way to go in a production environment.

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    You'll get nano instead of pico, but yeah most of the stuff is same. You can always create a symlink as pico to nano if you are too used to using pico ..

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    Defiently choose CentOS.

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    Thanks guys, the help was greatly appreciated. We got CentOS and we enjoy it very much! Thanks again for your replies,


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