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    We require a logo quote!

    Hi, is in need of a suitable custom logo.
    The theme is computers and the up and coming technology.
    We require a logo with suitable colours which are easy on the eye.
    No specific colour require though.
    We would like to see some examples and quotes beforehand.
    If interested please get in touch either posting your example here or emailing to: [email protected]

    Matt Seymour

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    Well, there's my try. Let me know what you think.

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    My friend is very good at graphics. Contact him at virajbhatt [at]

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    What's your budget, Matt?
    Logo Design Vector Conversion Print
    UK Business Labs Forum - The chemistry in B2B

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    Logo completed,thanks to all your responses everyone, and thanks to Pixabit for making the logo
    Best Regards,
    Matt Seymour

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