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    Reseller graduating to ICANN accredition !


    When a domain name reseller ( of lets say enom or directI or any other currently ICANN accredited registrars ) after a certain period of being a reseller.....if he graduates to become an ICANN accreditted.....

    What really happens to the domains registered as a reseller ? Can he move them over to his own service after getting the ICANN accredition ??


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    I was with 000domains when they left Tucows. I believe the domains stayed under the 000domains reseller account at Tucows and 000domains offered a discount to renew with them as the ICANN registrar.

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    They can pay icann a fee of $50,000 (or more) and do a mass transfer to their own credentials or do transfers when the names come up for renewal to their own credentials
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    yeah renewals can be transfers between old reseller and new registrar tag.
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    Thank you for the inputs.

    If the original registrar gets the wind of it, will they have any control upon not letting you to transfer or atleast making life difficult ??


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