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    looking for coding work


    I am in need of coding work to build my portfolio. I have worked for 4 years for a company and am now wanting to do freelance and possibly open my own software development firm.
    Due to NDA's I have signed in the past I do not have any scripts to use as a referance.

    Due to the fact above I am looking to do some scripting and build my portfolio.

    I am looking to script the following for anyone:
    *Customer managment
    * invoicing systems
    (I will not do any scripts with payment processors as they take a lot of time to make).
    * Club membership scripts
    * web design project managment scripts

    I would also be interested in support desk position remote via email, messenger or phone.

    I would also consider a sales position if anyone is looking

    pm me or post with questions
    Thanks all

    OK all I just saw I can not get PM's yet so my email is
    [email protected] or post here
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