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    Question Russian (legal) mp3 sites

    does anybody here use them? what do you think of them, compared to say itunes and napster etc?

    i think it's a great idea, i just bought the faithless greatest hits album, a few plays later and the cd was scratched, 2 tracks now permanently skip

    somebody mentioned that do the tracks upto CD-DA quality. this is great!

    why can't the big names do something as simple as this?!

    obviously i'm going to image all my cds the moment i get them now. unfortunately i have a high end system in my car and mp3s with low bitrates sound awful so i usually play the originals.
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    I use Napster, can't see how it would be get much easier to download music. Also 9.99 a month for "unlimited" downloads is pretty good I think. Have to pay for if you want to burn them to CD though.

    Also as far as I am aware the Russian sites are not legal for people in other countries to use.

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    I believe this site is only legal in Russsia.
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