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    Dedi Server needed in EU-suggestions?

    Hello All!

    I am currently in the hunt for a dedicated server host whom reside within the Germany/Austria area.

    The server will have to have atleast a 3.0 p4/ 3200+ Amd
    1gb Ram(min)
    unmetered bw with 10mb up
    Hd space not a concern
    remote access needed

    the use if for a game server that needs the "beefy" specs to run smooth,

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I pretty much need the same info for west EU is possible. I have a few in mind, but want to hear from the experts.

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Well in France you have Ikoula which is doing some great game servers with but you can purchase a dedicated server on

    You also have OVH which is a big company. For my part I don't like them very much, but it's my opinion. And they have really low prices on powerfull server.

    You can also take a look a Frontier Online (

    In Germany, I know Mesh Solutions.

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    Thank you very much.

    I was looking at OVH for getting 2 of their 3ghz machines. I will need them for a minimum of 6 months. I sent a request to them yesterday, I am waiting for a response.

    Thanks for your help!

    If anyone knows a reliable company in Germany Austria- I might need to concentrate there for a bit, so more would be lovely. Thanks again!

    Ikoula looks like a good shop.. for decent machines.. sent them an email.. thanks.
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    Originally posted by Phach

    You also have OVH which is a big company. For my part I don't like them very much, but it's my opinion. And they have really low prices on powerfull server.
    Can you tell me why you dont like them much? Im sure others would like to know. If not, then we can PM each other. The project that I am working on is a vital one and I must get as much details as I can for a proposal.

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    Well, I had a shared hosting on their server and suddenly my website became very popular so we began to really use large amount of bandwidth. (80-100 mbits/s)

    I didn't know that we used so much bandwidth because the stats were offline (I emailed them many weeks before to solve the problem but no response)

    I phoned them to understand why my website was offline. At this time I didn't know they had deleted my account.

    On the phone they said that they didn't know, maybe our website had been hacked....

    After 3 emails without anwser, and many phone calls, the administrator told me that we used too much bandwidth. He said, " While we were doing maintenance on server, we found by accident that your website used too much bandwidth "... So they delete it.

    I said ok, I can understand the fact that we " suck " bandwidth, even if I would have liked that they contact me before...

    I decided to try with a dedicated. So I contact them in order to have a partnership with them to reduce the cost of the server as we didn't have enough money. Few months before they were offering 100 mbits server for free IF you used high bandwidth.

    They never answer...

    So I change the offer to the cheapest only for the website. All the large files are on dedicated server in another company...

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    Ahh.. so.. they have a habit of just not notifying customers of any cancellations/overages. One would think, to protect the interest of the client, that they would notify you a day or two in advance.

    Well.. the needs I have are part of a larger proposal to work with the largest game publisher in the world. I cant afford that type of "miscalculation" on their part.

    If anyone knows more, I would be happy to take a look. BTW.. I sent emails to those that you had suggested before. Thanks again for your help, it is truly appreciated!


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    I just secured 2 NA servers, with a sick backbone They are out of NYC and Canada and have pretty sweet deal going!

    Any EU going?

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