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Thread: sales training

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    sales training

    Hello everybody

    I have sales people which are new to hosting sales , I need to train them

    how should I do that ?
    what information should they know ?
    what tasks should they do ?

    I appretiate any help

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    Well, I've worked and trained some of the sales staff we have hired, mainly on the technical side of things. Takes each of them a good 4 weeks before they can handle any sort of pre-sales question over the phone, or chat or email without having to give me a call.

    I basically start by having them dig through old sales chat logs... go through all such chat sessions that have taken place, get them to look at all sales tickets and emails we have archived, etc. Then I get them to go through our website completely, especially all the packages and email me with questions on absolutely anything or any technical term they cannot understand.

    Our sales staff also does alot of customer verification, account auditing (checking if new customers have been using accounts), some basic billing, etc. We do have dedicated people handling billing issues as well but they only work 8 hour a day while sales works 24x7 so they do take care of any emergency billing issues as well. They also go around to various hositng forums and post ads from time to time ...

    We are able to keep them quite busy this way ... - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
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    Hello ,

    Thanks for time and effort.

    I have technical skills , but I am new the mangement part its great to get advice from ones like you with a large experience.

    I m not doing this business over the internet yet , its only local to
    my country.

    I am a network engineer with system administration skills both
    linux and windows.

    please let me know if you have any advices for me , I am also
    looking for an online job so I can improve my skills.

    Regards and thanks again
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