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    wats a good and free web hosting ...

    wats a good free web hosting that i can sign up with because i'm tryin to start a free one for a game that i want and a forum.thanks

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    Well since your looking for something free, it wont hurt to try a few out.

    Just google it and sign up and try it.

    Be prepared for advertisements etc... and even if a host doesn't have ads, they may do soon because they need to pay off their fees/server costs somehow.

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    Its probably easier in the long run just to spend a few bucks on finding a good web host and then you wont hit many problems with ads etc and there is more less likely of a chance problems to occur.

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    i think you can find some gud host that are really reliable and very much affordable. just a few buks a yr.
    u can go search promotions on WHT

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    Why don't you try a godd page without ads and other annoying staff?
    If admins allow, I would reccomend angeltowns (English sites only), Atspace or Freewebs.
    However, you will not last long with free hosting. I have tried lots of free hosts while finally I bought a domain name and a quality hosting. And now, I enjoy support 24/7, live chat and so on.

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