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    Whm/Cpanel - Directi - Jensleypay


    Im a reseller with and i use whm/cpanel

    And im a member of (Domain reseller)

    Also i have a merchant account with

    What is the best way (script or cms) to communicate between those

    three services . that support automated cpanel account creation

    and domain , all that connected with paysat or jenslypay merchant


    Thank you all

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    AWBS is good i believe.

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    thank you for ur replay, i have checked the site

    it support whm/cpanel and directi but they does not support

    jensleypay or paysat

    is that right?

    Thank you again

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    Yes that is correct. I never heard of those merchants before though.

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    WHM / Cpanel does not directly integrate with DirectI and or You need a third party billing software to integrate them together. I have yet to hear any CMS that integrates anything like this. AWBS is a billing software. Not a CMS.

    I would think you are actually looking for a billing software, not CMS.
    If you omit merchant account, you will have many choices. Try third party merchant account such as

    Many billing software such as Whoiscart, AWBS works with DirectI, WHM/Cpanel and 2Checkout.

    Hope this helps


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