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    what u think which space is better

    for a forum


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    Look for reviews i guess.

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    powweb has had some bad reviews here lately:

    Site5 has been pretty good and I know DevilDog vouches for them. Check his site for his review of site5 (i think its on the homepage)

    Good Luck with your forum.
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    i vote for site5

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    If you search the forums, you will find plenty of reviews on both web hosts.

    Best of luck with your search and I hope you find the host best suitable for your needs

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    What kind of forums software do you want to host? Maybe Site5...

    Best Regards
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    Powweb gets some pretty bad reviews, but Site5 has a pretty good name around here. Do a search
    ( ) to bring up reviews on each.
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    I have only good things to say about Site5 from personal experience. I have no personal experience with using PowWeb's services but the reviews here are mixed.
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