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    Question How to make this 3D interactive image ? (example inside)


    I am about to create a new website and I would like to propose our clients to view the objets in 3D (360).

    Here is an example

    What is the best solution to create this 3D pictures in terms of speed and weight to download ? (I like Flash, but is it possible in Flash ?)

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
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    Looks like this? Thats the link it shows next to the products, i dont know if its a camera or what?...

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    you could use cinema 4d, make the shape of it then take a photo of each side and apply it as a skin.

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    Not very easy I guess. I'm still loonking for a solution

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    It's actually pretty easy. You will use multiple cameras or one rotating platform to film/photograph the object. From that point on it's just a matter of digitalizing the imagine and making it interactive.

    The best method I've seen was using multiple cameras to capture all angles of the object.

    Same goes for movies, which in the industry is called "The Matrix Effect".
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