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    How RSHosting changed my life

    How RSHosting changed my life

    Just a quick heads up, I will most likely refer to RSHosting as 'RSH'. Try to stay with me

    Well the title pretty much says it all, but of course with these forums I need facts to back it up. So in short, here's the quick and to-the-point version.

    Uptime (the server I reside on):
    Length of time with RSH: 1 year

    Ticket Response Time: Under 10 minutes, 24/7
    Ticket Quality: 100% full response, never been disappointed.
    “Personal Touch”: Completely has it, no matter who's on support. Heck, they even help me with non-company related things. They have that personal touch, 110%.

    Overall: Irreplaceable. My business and my customer's wouldn't be as happy as they are if it weren't for Joe, Mark and the rest of the RSH team. Heck, I built my work style based on theirs. I highly doubt that anyone has ever left them due to the quality of their services. If they have, give me their information because I want to talk to them (Joe, let me know ).

    Alright, end of the short version. The next information will be broken up into sections to help keep everything a little organized.

    The reason I titled it this way
    Obviously people are thinking “how the heck would a reseller host change a persons life?”. Well, I'll answer that now. This my friends, is simple. Because of RSH, my company did not die. Was it worth the money I put into it? Completely. Would I change anything if I could go back in time, if I could change the past etc. To all of these questions, no. Not one bit.

    Here's how it affected my life. My company is still running. Because of this, I have been able to put it on my resume as a company being run for over a year. What happened as a result of this? People wanted to employ me for having experience. Colleges actually spent about 30 minutes in each interview talking to me about this, and how it has affected my life. Overall, the answer is simple. Not only did the quality of their services keep me going, but so did the staff. I know on several occasions Joe from the RSH staff has personally talked to me (through E-Mail) about my company and where I see it going, as well as giving me basic advice. To Joe, because of you I am still in the game (and don't plan on going anywhere else but forward).

    The amount of professional advice and assistance that they offer me is astounding. Heck, at this point, I almost think that they're secretly billing me for company consultations. They remind me of the companies that help give you advice on advertising and how to get more sales, except they help me with everything .. and for free? Amazing, I know.

    Uptime has been completely amazing. It has dropped to 99.8 one time, and that's the worst case scenario so far. Not only that, but they keep the rest of the customers and I informed of any changes, whether it be a hard drive failure (some of the best communication I've ever seen when Thor (a server) had a failed backup drive, they gave updates every 4 hours at the max, and as fast as every 30 minutes when they detected anything. It's in the private forum, but let me reassure you, they keep every single person updated on every aspect of anything that is going on, day and night), network maintenance, or even a cPanel license transfer (which I understand they had a little problem with, but even with that, it was recovered with a 3 day emergency license within 24 hours (and that's with cPanel's office hours). Once again, keeping us updated every couple hours with updates, including what they were getting from NAC and what they were sending to NAC. -- keep in mind, Apache and all of the services were up during this time).

    Overall, I wouldn't trade my reseller with RSH for the world. Their reliability and outstanding service has been invaluable to my customers and I.

    Support honestly couldn't be any better. I'm not sure if anyone's ever seen that bank commercial when the guy is the bank's only customer and he walks in and is greeted by everyone, “Hey Bob!”, etc. It feels like that. The support is custom tailored to fit me. They know when I'm joking around, and they joke right back. As it would be said on eBay (you know.. if most were legit, and minus the BS) A+++++++ POWER SELLER! The support is Irreplaceable. There is no way in heck I would give them up for anything less. 24/7 support.. straight from the leaders of the company, full responses that are to the point. You can quote me on this, heck it might as well be their slogan. The support doesn't stop after you end the ticket. I know when I had a DDoS threat that they were watching it carefully. Heck, they even said they would text my cell phone in the event that anything would happen. The bonuses? The way they have it setup, if my main IP was DDoS'd or attacked, my customers would remain online – even with a null route.

    I can say with complete certainty that they have thought of damn near every possible problem with a reseller, and have implemented protection or have a backup plan for any situation. I give them 5/5 in this department.

    Are you worried about security problems with your host? I know I'm not. Going back to the whole “being notified” subject where I rated them flawless, this plays a major roll in this. Spammer on the server? They take care of it ASAP because they know the results if it goes unaided. Now I'll admit this, probably to make myself look bad but still, to give them more credit. I used osTicket on my main site and forgot to update it. One nice little worm spreading got into my account and started to attempt to run a DDoS client on the server. The result? It didn't run for over 2 minutes. They secured my account and cleaned the files including my forum (they changed the directory first since the worm used Google), and then I was notified about the incident. The end result? It was over before I even knew that it happened, and that was 5-7 minutes later.

    Final Thoughts
    I have run out of ideas for sections to put in this review, so the last part will be “Final Thoughts”. I honestly can't put into words how dedicated the team is at RSHosting. It's amazing the kind of dedication and thoughtfulness that they show to their customers. Let me put it this way, and you can compare it to your current host – or think about if you want your future host to do it. Does your host send you Christmas cards? Because mine does. I was truly ecstatic when I received this in the mail. In fact, to be honest, it's pinned up on my bulletin board behind me and I plan to pin it on my wall when I move into my dorm (For the record, I am NOT a stalker nor am I trying to sound like one ... I just love my host ).

    The card reads,
    “To Robert,

    Have a Wonderful Christmas

    Mark + Joe, and your RS Hosting Family!”

    That's exactly what we are, a family. Right now you're probably thinking “did he just say his reseller is like his dad?”. Guess what bud, I'll admit it. As I've probably said at least 5 times throughout this review, Mark and Joe help with more than just hosting. Heck, they give me advice on almost anything if I ask for it. Not only that, but I most likely check the forums at least every 10 minutes. I wait for the chance to help out someone else from RSHosting. I've gotten advice from the community (more like a family as I've said), and I've given advice to the community. We may be in competition, but the environment is so clean and helpful it's amazing.

    Recently I helped out another RSH client with his domain. He was having problems not being able to pay, so he pushed the domain to my eNom account and I payed for him and then pushed it back and he payed me back later. I did this to help him out, and I know for a fact that someone else in RSH would have done something for me if I had the same problem.

    Overall, the company is driven by customer satisfaction and their reputation. No problem goes left unaided, no solution takes too long. It's simply amazing the way that it's run. I'm surprised and yet angered to find out that people put them down due to their prices. So I'm going to try to break this down to help people realize the truth.

    1)TRUE 24/7 support, with a 10 minute response time or less (I've had no responses over 6 minutes in my 1 year with them.
    2)GREAT data centers, NAC for one.
    3)Personalized support and staff interaction, they really go out of their way to help you.
    4)Discounts on 3rd party products such as ClientExec or Kayako eSupport. Talk about helping you get everything covered ...
    5)The rest of the list is too long.

    The benefits outweigh the cons (um.. there aren't even any cons in my opinion.. but okay). I'm surprised and upset that they haven't made their name into more recommended hosts lists on WHT.

    With that, I'm ending this review of the friendly, reliable, and secure host, RS Hosting. Thank you for your time and attention, and I hope that you have found this review to be beneficial in some way, shape, or form. Have a good one!
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    So this is the review you were planning to post. Mighty nice!

    I'm surprised and upset that they haven't made their name into more recommended hosts lists on WHT.
    Don't be upset, as time goes on, more of their customers will find/come back to WHT to let us know how happy they are with the service. It takes a bit of time to become fully "WHT established", especially when you're not going for the "we're very cheap" business model.

    Congratulations RSHosting and thank you RefreshNet for taking time to write this review!

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    A fantastic review,

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    Very nice to hear.

    This what WHT needs
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    Kudos to RSHosting! Thanks for the nice review to add to the wealth of the community, Robert.

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    Quite a nice revew indeed - good job RShosting!

    Web Hosting? Been there. Done that.
    I am niyogi.

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    One mighty review, excellent RefreshNet

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