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    Run PowerPoint Presentation without installing PowerPoint

    I have one power point presentaion and want to run on any computer without installing power point.

    Point is I want to dusrtibute the cd to my celints and to run and see the presentaiton they should not need to must have power point installed on their computer.

    I have seen such file before but do not have any idea how to do that.

    Any idea how to do that?


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    There is a features called Pack & Go you can use that is built into Powerpoint.

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    Originally posted by jdk
    There is a features called Pack & Go you can use that is built into Powerpoint.
    Sort of like the self-extracting zips.

    The problem with Pack & Go is you have to bundle all the font files and PowerPoint Viewer with it. It's not very practical.

    You could convert the powerpoint to flash, if you feel most of your audience has that on their computer.
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    Yep, now it's very easy to that thing. You just save as to .pps as powerpoint slideshow, or publish your powerpoint on CD (2007 has this kind of feature).


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    You can also upload a ppt slide presentation to Google docs. Then you can mark it as shared, and if needed restrict access, and you'll get a URL that you can share. It does an OK job of rendering for the computer screen, but I wouldn't want to project it. The nice part is it runs from a browser without needing to convert it (google does it on upload), and works from any internet connected pc.
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    Another online alternative would be SlideShare which accepts powerpoint and pdf files.

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