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Thread: Control Panel

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    Control Panel


    I am buying a bigger amount of boxes in the next days, but I am not really into that whole server administration thingy, so I would like to hear your opinion on different Control Panels for those Servers. I plan using Redhat or SuSe Linux for OS and want a control panel being installed on those servers.

    I use the servers for regular webpages - 1 per server.

    Now I know this question is rather unspecific but I would still be glad to get some answers:

    What Controlpanel Software would you go for?


    I so far used Cpanel, Plesk and Confixxx. While I didnīt really like Confixxx I was ok fine with Plesk, even though from my Experience Cpanel/WHM gave you way more things to control through the control panel.

    Now for me important is:

    Stability: As mentioned I am not really into server admin and so I could not do anything useful if a control panel gets instable

    Easy to Handle: Reason about same as above

    CPU/RAM-balancing: A very important thing to me since imho the server load and stuff varied a lot on my other servers dependand on what ControlPanel I used, but would be very interested in your experiences

    Security: I am not good at all that server stuff and would like the Control Panel to be at least a little secure without me tweaking all kinda things.

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    Re: Control Panel

    Originally posted by dotdoms
    I am buying a bigger amount of boxes in the next days
    I use the servers for regular webpages - 1 per server.

    What Controlpanel Software would you go for?
    For those reasons , I think you should use H-Sphere, you can control up to one hundred servers with the initial license (100 cp).

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    definitely h-sphere and cluster your servers

    We went from direct admin to cpanel ... hsphere is the ideal destination
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