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Thread: A sad flash

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    A sad flash

    The URL was given to me so I had to take a look. I find that the music, and the great flash work is very nicely done.

    But on the serious matter of the flash it is very sad as this happens in many households we don't know about.
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    So much for having happy dreams.
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    Bah. My friggin' sound won't work.

    UPDATE: I got it to work. That was a disturbing video, although I don't know just how commonplace it is, and I don't think it's safe to conclude, purely from that video, that it is commonplace.

    As a side note, my dreams will be of an unsurpassed pleasantness tonight.
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    The flash was done great with the movie, definatley not what i thought was going to pop up when I clicked the link.

    Very sad that this happens as often as it does.
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    Originally posted by RefreshNet
    So much for having happy dreams.
    No kidding! This got me down having seeing and listening to it . It is very hard for me to believe that people could do that to the ones they love. It is like they change.... . No one should ever have to put up with getting hit or anything of that nature. If it happens call the police right away.

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    That is indeed a good work of flash, good artist.

    And yes sadly that happends alot in homes, the parent seems alright outside of the house, but inside..

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    Seen this some time ago.

    A well done flash (along with the rest of his work).

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    well there is scum in every walk of life just make sure you dont turn into it.........

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    yeah, it is sad ;\
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