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    Response to post " HELP FIND THEM"


    I'm Azbok (a.k.a. Michael Murawski) owner of I was notified of the post where someone claims we owned (which we don't). That thread is currently closed hence the creation of a new topic here.

    If you do lookups on and you will see they are owned by totally different people with different information. If anyone still has any issues with this situation, feel free to email me at [email protected].


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    While I have no comment on 'ngservers', I can confirm that MyGamesters / Mark M. are a reputable company.

    We have dealt with them for well over a year and they are definitely a legitimate company and not a fly by night operation like many other 'game server companies'.

    My $0.05 (adjusted for inflation).

    Raj Dutt // CEO // Voxel dot Net Inc // [email protected]

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