Upcoming Promotions for June

To mark a successful era of Pt-web, we are proud to announce the following packages.

Personal Sites owners

If you are having a personal site and is looking for a reliable host or migrating from your existing host.

We are giving the following plans for you

PTWEB3: 500 MB Disk space
10000MB Data Transfer 4$/month

PTWEB4: 1000 MB Disk space
20000MB Data Transfer 8$/month

All plans are equip with all the the standard features. Minimum term of stay 3 months.

Corporate site owners

Pt-web.net is migrating to a delicated server for all business corporate site owners so as to provide the best service and reliability to you.

All new corporate sign up for any of the pacakge for a year will get a 6 months credit into your account which means you enjoy 1 yr 6 months worth of hosting for a 1 yr pricing for any of the plans.

How to apply

Interested party please email us at [email protected] for more details,