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    Any Good Hosts for vBulletin?

    Hello everyone,

    I am interested in purchasing one (1) or more licenses of vBulletin and was curious as to what Hosting Options are available and what would be best for me. I am also interested in creating a website, too. If possible, I would love to hear all reccommendations, pros and cons, and testimonies for Hosting Options for me that support vBulletin.

    I am greatful for anyone who replies and will monitor this topic so I may ask more questions if needed.



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    There are plenty of web hosts on these forums that will be able to accommodate your needs. You can look in the shared & reseller hosting offers section to find great deals. Most web hosting companies support vbulletin as long as it does not consume too many server resources, and since you are starting out I do not think that will be a problem.

    Best of luck!

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    I would also agree that most Hosters can accomodate your needs but make sure to start out with a small Hosting package -- 100 - 150 MB of Web space. You can always upgrade your Hosting when needed.

    A few mySQL databses is also quite common and other items of concern is what Control Panel to use and pricing that fits your budget. Might want to choose a Hoster that also provides lots of free scripts which is also common with most Hosters. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Hello bdmclls,

    You have many reliable and not too expensive hosts that could meet your needs, and for a beginning, just do a little SEARCH through this forum.

    And a little about the forum software: before you go with vBulletin, I would recommend you to check also , because if you choose PHPBB (very popular and with wonderful support), SMF, XMB or some other FREE forum "software", you can pay a year or even two years of quality webhosting (just instead of paying a license for vBulletin). This is just my "practical" advice, and the choice (read: money) is all yours.

    I wish you many visitors.

    P.S.: If you are rather to go with payed forum software, take a look at Invision Power Board (previous version 1.3 could be downloaded for FREE from here) or Burning Board.

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    If you plan on having a medium-sized or big forum, shared hosting probably won't work out for too long. Shared hosting is great for smaller sites that don't use many resources. You can start out shared, but as you grow, you should probably upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.
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    I'd actually say Site5 (w/ RapidReflex) would probbably do the trick for the short to longer-term.
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    Originally posted by jslivko
    I'd actually say Site5 (w/ RapidReflex) would probbably do the trick for the short to longer-term.
    I would have to second that. Once you grow enough you can look into a VPS from a company such as: - Blazing fast network and host nodes - Hand-holding support

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    I have seen many customers with forums that began well on shared hosting but sooner or later, they ended up needing a dedicated server.

    If you're expecting for this forum to become pretty big, like the other guys said, consider a VPS or even a dedicated server, well worth it. Last thing you want is for your users to have to deal with horrible loading times.
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    For vBulletin you'll need a host that gives you PHP and MySQL, and luckily most hosting plans include these. Seing how you're just starting out, my first advice would be to get your domains from a different entity than you host. It's just safer this way.

    Also, chances are it'll take a while before your sites (forums) become anywhere near busy, so starting out with a shared hosting account is a good idea, and shared hosting should be able to cover your needs for quite a while.

    Website Rob is probably right that you won't have high needs in terms of space and that a few hundred megabytes should be plenty. 5GB of data transfer should also be plenty, unless you struck gold and enjoy and an immediate success with your sites.

    In all, I believe $10 per month is a budget that will give you the option to go with a very good host and get a hosting package that covers your immediate needs.

    I recommend you make yourself a list of hosts (the more the merrier ), send them presales questions and run searches to evaluate their reputation:

    Good luck!

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