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    hosting startup hardware questions

    ok iv spent some time searching around and i could not find anything that answered my questions. iv started a web desing business, already have clients and all the legal stuff done. we want to be able to do hosting. my question is what hardware do we need. as far as server, dns, router, firewall, etc. i have an idea of what we need but nothing to compare it to. like if i get server X how many sites can it host. i know there are alot of factors but i just want some basic numbers, because im not sure if i need a 4k dell server or a 30k IBM server. to start we were going to use a high end cable connection, with an average upstreem of 768 Kbps. is that reasonable or would that be too slow and a T1 is what i need. as far as bandwith, we are mainly doing sites for local companys that will probally not have a large amount of bandwith, we will not be hosting any sites that will have movies or other files that a user can download. and we are not going to do e-commerce for now. ok now i know what you are going to say, that i should know these things if im going to be running my own servers. we had a network administrator with us when we started but he had to leave, so we are currentally looking for someone, but we want to get an idea of the numbers and what we will need to spend to get started.
    i guess to make it a bit more specific:
    for the server (what were were thinking)
    processor type: (xeon)
    single or dual processor: (dual)
    HDD: (raid 5 with SATA drives like 200gigs each)
    RAM: (at least 2 gigs of DDR (not sure what speed to use))
    also i was looking at the blade chasses from IBM, they seem good for easy expandability. we are only going to start hosting 6 clients, and we project to have up to 50 in the next 6 months, basically we want a server/system that can handle around 100 sites, when we get more than 100 customers we will be able to expand and get larger servers and a T1.

    thanks in advance

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    are you going to locate this server at your place....????

    I think u shuld go for a data center

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    If you want to start cheap with reliable hardware check out the deals at dell, you should be able to get the dell smallbiz pricing they have some decent equipment, you'll be spending upwards $1400 for a 1-2u.

    As for hardware you can get a firebox firewall if you want, they run another $1200, and if your datacenter doesn't supply a switch, you can get a netgear or linksys (cisco) rackmount switch.

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