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    Seeking Programmer

    I am looking for a PHP programmer for a project that requires a custom script. Specific information will be given on interested. The overall cost of the project will range on the motivation of the programmer and overall skill in giving us exactly what we need. If anyone is interested please contact us at [email protected] or catch me on aim right now sn: phlintdotcom. I need someone to start the negotiation of the script tonight so we can get started with this project right away. Thank you.

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    [email protected]

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    I would like more information before I pm you so I know if it is worth my time to contact you could you at least post pay info and basic scripting info?

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    I tried contacting you yesterday, but you did not respond to my messages.

    I'm pretty darn good at custom coding and, depending on the complexity, can get things done in under a week.

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    I can make custom script for you. Please let me know the details…

    Thanks & Regards,

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    I got it, yipee

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