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    Question Jackson jury bias brought into spotlight :: Could this change the tide?

    The jury deciding Michael Jackson's fate includes eight parents, a man who has been to the singer's Neverland ranch, and a woman whose grandson has been convicted of a sex crime. The woman said during jury selection that she really wanted Jackson to get a fair trial.

    That basically means - "I'm slightly biased" (maybe).

    When choosing the jury in February, prosecutors sought parents, especially those with young children, who they hoped would be especially offended by allegations of child molestation.

    Defense attorneys tried to find people who might have grown up with Jackson's music.

    SOURCE =

    Could these jury members turn things around for Micheal Jackson?

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    I think that anybody who is called with this task of jury service is in for a difficult time. The kind of charge that they have been listening and watching is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make because of how sensative the subject is.
    -- Matthew

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