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    mod_security conflicts...

    i've got mod_security installed on my centos/cpanel server, but i have it disabled because one important page on one site doesn't work with it (it gets the 406 error page).

    i have already altered it to work with phpBB, but it still causes the error for this specific page.

    is there anyway i can configure mod_security to ignore this one file (or subdomain, or something)?

    also, what would be causing this, and where can I find the log file? the page has google ads on it, could that be the problem?


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    if you use the cpanel installer they should be in /etc/httpd/logs/
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    ah! found it. and i figured out why it was doing that... it's pretty funny. thanks!

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    Mod_security can be wortless with douth a heavy policy behind it.

    You should search a lott our ask a security admin for help.

    Any way good luck

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