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    Question IRC allowed VPS

    Hi guys. I am looking for a nice VPS host that allows IRC. I would'nt need more than 2GB of storage or alot of RAM and CPU but I would be needing 3 to 5 IP's. Any good IRC allowing VPS hosts that would do that under $15 or nearby ?

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    374 is a good choice for IRC. $20 is their cheapest plan, but you arent going to get much cheaper than that. I personally have an account with them and love their service.

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    Yeah I saw their site and I must say I like their stuff but they got that $10 setup fee. Although that's no problem. But still as I dont have much use for a VPS, I would go a BIT cheaper

    Any other hosts?
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    I also wonder this, anyone have an idea?

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    There is one in VPS offers section that allows IRC. I've had no experience with them but it is there.


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    You might one to try
    they are also within your budget and allows irc.

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    fdc is a good choice, their center seems to be stable, and i have used them before.

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    I used FDC a while back. It was cheap. I also had to fend off all the LOCAL scanning and deal with DoS on their network a lot.

    They are also on a list for current botnets (see bugtraq mailing list for latest C&C update for July)

    Not only on the list, but at the top

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    irc vps will surely require more money, be advised

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