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    Ensim accounts need a good home :)

    Here's the deal...

    A hosting company we recently purchased had a very small Ensim client base

    -4 reseller accounts

    -all paying annually and not renewing until Feb/March of 2006

    -1 @ $130 per year for 8000mb space 40gb per month transfer

    -3 @ $50 per year for 4000mb spance 15gb per month transfer

    We have notified them that we will be discontinuing Ensim service as of June 30th and have given them the choice

    -Migrate to a platform we normally support
    -We will find them a good home

    I assume they all chose Ensim for a reason and will probably take the later choice.

    Anyone interested let me know and we will pick someone to take these when we hear back from them.

    Who ever gets them will have full root access to the serve to aid in the move as we will be discontinuing it's usage.

    The server also has an owned Ensim license on it so anyone one that is interested in that let me know.


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    Forgot to mention

    - we are GIVING these away to a good home

    - at the end of the term you are free to adjust their pricing as we have told them our pricing is OUR pricing not that of their new host

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    Does they want to migrate to a Direct Admin server. If yes, I will take it out off your hands
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    What they paid before for these reseller hosting?

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    1 pays 130 a year

    3 pay 50 a year

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    if they are interested in Hsphere we will take them under our wing. However, they will be subject to Ackoo pricing upon the completion of their current period. Please contact me for more details if interested.
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    If they are intrested in directadmin home, then please contact me. I would handle them with the best costumer care and support.

    Please PM me more details if intrested

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    13 has just expanded its business. We recently purchased a new server, and we're looking for new clients. We use DirectAdmin as the control panel. Thanks for considering.


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    Surely he is quite blatently looking for a host running Ensim to potential take these clients he stated he is giving them the choice migrate to OUR control panel what ever that is or be transfered to XYZ Ensim host......

    Can I also ask what date's these clients renew?


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    They renew

    feb & march 2006 JonaY

    and thanks for pointing out to those that didn't grasp the concept of Ensim

    We offer several other panels just not Ensim so if they migrate to another panel we will be keeping them

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    Unfortunatey, I think it's more of a matter that we all DO grasp the concept of Ensim...LOL....

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    We have no problem accomodating those clients on our Ensim servers.
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