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    Need a redesign done


    I need a redesign of my site done. The site is

    I want to keep the layout the same so that everything is put in the same place, I just want things to be updated and more hi-tech looking. So the coding part will be easy, nothing really to do there. Some things can be slightly change, like the nav at the top, the footer, or the side bar. But I'm more worried about the content area. That needs to stay how it is, due to the scripting for the site, and I already like the main layout of the site. I'm just looking for an updated look.

    Some styles I like:

    As you can see I want something metallic-y. Like a modern, update look. Things should be cluttered too, not too much like Cnet.Com but pretty cluttered so I can fit lots of stuff.

    I'm not looking to spend that much, my budget is in the $xx - low $xxx range.

    I'm looking for good portfolio's with budget pricing, I can offer things as to work out the pricing. Or if you're someone that has a lot of free time, you can even make a rough design and show me and if I don't like it just sell it to someone else. Whatever you want to do, but you have to have something to show me weather it's old or new work.

    Thanks, can't wait to see!


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    i have sent you a PM i hope to speak with you soon about this project
    Joshua A. Rhoads
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    Added you on AIM

    I hope we can discuss it more over AIM

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    Hi & Good Day,

    I am very much interested in doing this for you, I have sent you a PM, Hope to work ith you soon.

    Ryan ___Interactive Design
    Icq:307-407-835 DefyStudios | Shift | INDNJC

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    Hello i'm interested however my portfolio was wiped off my old host the other week and hence I am creating a new version, however this means that all of my old portfolio's very much inaccessible.

    at the moment you can see a very sparse amount of my skills at:
    only the top 2 portfolios work, however i'll be updating this tomorow with more work so please keep checking back.

    If you'd like i'd happily create a mockup for you and believe i can create the style you're looking for.

    please email me at [email protected] for more information,

    thanks have a nice day!

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