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    Multiple Combo Box Problem

    I'd like to use a series of combo boxes on a form to filter results. Each combo box would let the user pick a criterion to filter the results (which would themselves appear in a list box on the same form).

    Is it possible to do that in JavaScript?

    There's an example here:, but I believe it's programmed in ASP. I want to duplicate this functionality as easily and simply as possible in JavaScript.


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    yes its possible to do. implementation depends exactly on how you want it to work, but yeah you can do it.
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    I'm really not up to speed on what is available in Javascript from Java, but in java I would use a set of Collections stored in a hash map, and then use the 'onchange' event of the combo box to switch the content of the next one.
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    well arrays in javascript are hashmaps, and combos have various onclick/onchange/etc events, but you can't directly use the Collections classes, i'm sure there's some js version someplace.
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