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    Premium Web Hosting Service

    I have just received an email from a web hosting company offering 6 months free Premium Web Hosting Service , if i pay for 6 months up front all because i registed a new domain. The question is why don't they offer these discounts when you are 1st searching for a web host company, surely they are more likely to receive more customers advertising this offer before people buy a new domain?

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    Let me guess - 1and1?

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    lol, no it was from "iP01" untill this email i never heard of them in the 4 weeks of searching web hosting.

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    Originally posted by teepeg
    lol, no it was from "iP01" untill this email i never heard of them in the 4 weeks of searching web hosting.
    There is no way for you to know them or them to know you if you had not purchase the domain.

    See, this is the thing... if you're actually somebody who is just looking for a domain/hosting, then how could any hosts know you at all? You're barely browsing through.

    But, after you purchase a domain, we're sure you'd most definitely be looking for a host for the domain. If not, you'd be totally wasting your money to get a domain and not use it.

    So, I do understand why they emailed you but I do also know that it's called SPAM if you didn't register with them or something to get this email.

    Hope you have a great day!
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    Make sure to see the thread at

    Personally, I would stay away.
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    Thank you for the heads up!

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    Simple spam most likely, you register a domain and your whois info is public so they jump on it.
    I laugh all the time because I have several sites I have built on "play" domains I own ( stuff I use for my own experimentation with something new I'm checking out, some script I picked up, our site builder software, Fantastico programs & other such, and I change them often as I create my own problems or figure "how to" do unusual things customers might someday ask about)...
    Often I don't change a particular one for extended periods due to a lack of time when I have nothing better to do, yet I still get these emails about how they can make my site a huge success, get me a #1 Google page rank, do a complete makeover, and of course my all-time favorite..."offer me the best deal for hosting my site"...
    The kicker is these sites don't have e-mail accounts since they are for experimentation so they are sending from my whois info and if it wasn't automated or they had a brain cell they would know I'm a host...

    PS: If it's a REAL slow day sometimes I'll reply to see what they "offer" or send them back some made-up offer for the best deal on hosting their site using their reply email...
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    Originally posted by teepeg
    lol, no it was from "iP01" untill this email i never heard of them in the 4 weeks of searching web hosting.
    They send massive amounts of spam to everyone who registers a domain, I would definitely stay away from them. They try to make their offer sound so exclusive and special, but I'm sure they send a million of those messages a day. Every single time I register a new domain name, their spam starts coming in.
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    Thou you have to admit to the NooB it looks quite a good offer "hey they are giving me 6 months free hosting" and i can see why so many people get caught into the trap.

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    yeah! these are schemes to attract and get people into trap

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