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    How I can check that is getting how much traffic ?

    Dear Friends,

    I have one question about website traffic.

    I want to register to for their Gold membership which cost about 300$.

    But Actually I am little hesitate and want to check that how much hits / peoples per day visit this site, does there is any way to check how many peoples visit this site ?

    I am afraid if I pay them 300$ and they dont have many peoples visit them for business, then my money will be lost.

    I hope you peoples will help me.


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    You can see some information about them here - - however this is not a fantastic site as it only records details from users of their toolbar.

    It has a google pagerank of 4 which is not fantastic for a site which should have a lot of links out and in.

    Did you try their Silver membership? This seems to be the best way to test it.

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    Huh, when I compare that site with , then i got much difference,

    now i have decided not to register with them, because alibaba get much much traffice as compare to them, and alibaba ranking is 36, and their ranking is coming in thousands.

    Thats why now i moved to

    I found is great tool for me.

    Thanks friend..

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