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    Simple ClientExec Work

    Thank you for your interest.

    I currently use ClientExec for billing and have found that one month after a customer signs up for my services they are not sent an invoice.

    The only time when an invoice is created and sent seems to be when I press the button 'generate invoices'.

    I need someone to log in and change the settings so that invoices are sent automatically.

    Thank you,
    Peter Ferrigan

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    That is how ClientExec works by default. However, you can set invoices to be generatead daily with a simpe cron.

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    Thank you for your insight. This is unfortunate that it is not preformed automatically.

    I will look into this. Meanwhile if anyone is capable of writing this please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Peter Ferrigan

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    I would recommend you switching over to ModernBill. When configured right, ModernBill can run practically automatically.

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    It is better to have "Generate Invoices Button" we can see if every thing is ok before we send them to the clients.

    Ty and see if you find some information on automation.

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    "I would recommend you switching over to ModernBill. When configured right, ModernBill can run practically automatically."

    Please, no more, I'm gonna dye of laughter.

    If you think setting up a cron job in CE is hard, try getting ModernBill to work for you. You need to cron the invoices, and the automated sign-up, and about a gazillion other settings.

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    Thank you

    I really appreciate all of your responses. I am just shocked that this is not automatically setup.

    It seems like the most basic component of a billing software.

    Thank you,
    Peter Ferrigan

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