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    Webfusion 269 reseller account - looks OK, but what about old software?

    Although I have 1 package with Webfusion, I had written them off as too costly for the time being. But now it seems like Webfusion are looking a little more promising again....mainly because their reseller plan is now 269 for the year.
    I've also had a month's monitoring of my current webfusion site, and it doesn't appear to have had a single outage in the last month, although it can slow from time to time, and this always appears to be orphan/dormant processes which didn't die properly. About twice a week I ring them, they kill a load of old processes, and it runs at full speed again. Not sure I should have to do this! I do have concerns about their software though:
    Operating system RedHat linux 7.3 (seems quite old - does this matter?)
    Web server Apache 1.3.27 (6 versions old - and why no 2.0.54?)
    Scripting language PHP 4.3.10 (I can live with that! It'd be nice to have the choice of 4/5 that some hosts offer)
    Scripting language SunONE ASP 3.6.2
    CGI Scripting language Perl 5.6.1
    Database server MySQL 3.23.56 (this is causing me loads of needless aggro as I have to muck about with import/export of databases, as the rest of the world seems to be using 4.x! Worryingly, they say they have "no plans to update it at this time". Hmmmm).
    Mail server Exim 3.36

    As I said, it does seem to work, but the archaic version of mysql doesn't make my life easy. What they do have which is essential is the ssh access, and when it's not slow, it's very quick!

    Now if someone can point me to a similar reseller package for the same price but with more current versions of the server software then I'd be in a world of hosting nirvana!

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    Sorry to sound odd, but 20gb of bandwidth is not enough when it comes to reseller accounts. It looks good to me though.

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    Yeah, I don't know what it is with UK hosts and their tight bandwidth. Most US hosts seem to manage 5Gb/DAY!!
    They all seem to gives loads more space than anyone would need, but never the bandwidth to match...seems daft! I've seen 20Gb of space and 10Gb of bandwidth...makes no sense at all!
    However, with that Webfusion one, you CAN give each account 20Gb bandwidth of it's own for 25 extra per year.

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