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    chronopay support nonexistant

    I was interested in chronopay after making the decision of leaving 2checkout because I'm tired of putting up with them, so I sent an email to [email protected] in hopes to get an answer quick since even when support sucks, sales usually is topnotch .

    24 hours later, I decided to get on their live support to see if they can get my email answered. I was told to send it to [email protected] which I did minutes later. I was hoping maybe that I'll get an answer this time. So, I go to sleep then eventually wake up. I check my mail and find it unanswered still. So, I go back to live support and find the same person there answering questions, and here is the log:

    Anna: Hello! How can I help you?
    you:  Hi, anna. I spoke with you many hours ago about my email not being answered
    you:  you suggested I email [email protected], but I haven't gotten an answer there either
    you:  I really want to signup, but failure to answer my questions is turning me off
    you:  hello?
    Anna: hi
    you:  can you answer me?
    Anna: may i have your e-mail address, please?
    you:  [email protected]
    Anna: did you try to subscribe?
    you:  no, I need my questions answered first
    you:  Am I going to be helped or do I need to take my business elsewhere?
    Anna: i'm sorry
    Anna: i'm not Anna, i'm another operato, Helena
    you:  hi
    Anna: could you tell me what the problem is
    Anna: hi
    you:  I sent an email to [email protected] which didn't get answered in over 24 hours
    you:  I came here many hours ago and asked anna if I could get it answered
    you:  she suggested that I send an email to [email protected]
    you:  So I did
    you:  I go to sleep, and wake up and I still don't have an answer to my email
    you:  so, here I am again
    you:  Could I get my email answered now or could you answer my questions here?
    you:  hello?
    Anna: i've located your e-mail sent to our address and redirected to [email protected]
    you:  what difference does that make? I sent one to sales and support
    Anna: unfortunately we are not authorised to answer questions of this kind
    Anna: we really do not know what to answer
    Anna: it is not in our competence
    you:  so besides waiting for an email I believe won't ever be answered, what do you suggest I do
    Anna: please wait for an answer from SALES
    Anna: you will get an answer
    Anna: i guess it will be after the weekend at normal business hours central european time
    you:  you guess? the website says 24 hour support 365 days a year
    you:  365 includes weekends and holidays
    Anna: by the way why don't you contact paypal
    you:  what does paypal have to do with me signing up to chronopay?
    These people admit to being too incompetent to handle support. I could probably do a better job without experience or proper training which is probably the reason they are incompetent in the first place (no experience or training).

    What's the point to live support? Are they there just to say "hi", "one moment. please", and "I've notified the proper people because I guess they should know this stuff"? I could create a bot with more helpful responses.
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    There are two things very strange from chronopay support:

    (1) Why Helena is using Anna name to chat with customer?
    (2) Why Chronopy asked the customer to call paypal?

    There must be something wrong with this company..!!

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    I guess my questions were too "advanced" for Anna and Helena had to help although Helena herself doesn't feel she is competent enough to help me.
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    If I were you, I would get a merchant account, then you can
    focus on sales rather than spend this unnecessary time with these 3rd party processors.

    You do not know how fortunate you are since you are from
    the US. Just get a merchant account, your problems should be
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    chronopay offers merchant accounts... hard thing about this is most processors don't fulfill my requirements so it's hard to find one. Which is why I'm trying to get chronopay to answer my email because I want to see if they can fulfill my requirements. I could care less about support, I just need a system with an extensive API.
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    I am pretty sure you will find a good merchant account provider here who can meet your requirements, good luck!
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    she is telling u to signup for paypal rather then chornopay . If the support team tells you so , you should be obeident

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    I use paypal, I want an alternative to it so people have choice.
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    I call phone support and they only have one person to pick up calls and the person handling the calls sounds very similar to the 2 girls I was talking to in live support. They don't even speak enough english to understand me. So, yea... they are out of the picture. Even though I don't use support, I'd like to know it's there when I need it.
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    I've used Chronopay for a while now and have had no problems with them or their support.

    The above sounds very strange ...

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    Dear ViveHosting,

    You have misunderstood (or to be fair we have not been clear enough) the purpose of ChronoPay Support Department.

    The Support Department, the one which is in 24/7/365 mode is there only for transaction related issues of your customers. It's not there for clients, i.e. when somebody buys something from our merchants and urgently needs support in relation to the transaction (to cancell it or to refund it or to look up the transaction information, etc...). So indeed it doesnt have to do anything with client support which is performed by our Account Managers in the Dutch and Russian office (depends on which one you are using and which market you are from). Account Managers are not available outside of normal business hours. Besides it is not really needed in accordance with our experience, the thing is that most of issues related to the merchant support is very rarely of urgent matter and usually happens in the area of between the acquirer and the merchant (rules related issues, etc.) and acquirers of course do not work in 24/7/365 mode.

    However the Customer Support, which we unlike many other companies do not outsource, so it's our direct employees you are speaking with, can of course contact Account Managers any time if something really urgent happens with our clients and they adress them just because nobody is in the office.

    The reason why there are two names there (Helen and Anna) is because our girls in CS work in shifts in order to be there 24 hours a day so a few different girls use the same terminals during different times of the day so terminal LiveSupport is configured with one name only. Something to work on I guess.

    As for third party billers, ChronoPay is not a third party biller, or to be exact we do offer IPSP solution model since some merchants require it, but primarily we are targeted at direct merchant accounts sales as our portfolio of acquirers is very diverse, we work with almost 8 or 9 acquirers directly and officially right now, which puts us in a very good position to provide almost all types of accounts for all types of merchants.

    Please excuse us for the confusion, we will work on changing the outlook of our websites to explain better what is the purpose of the Customer Support Department.

    Kind regards,
    Ido Schiferli
    Marketing Manager


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