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    Hi, im new here, I would like to ask. How do I quit my Suscription of web hosting I use
    Also I have forgotten my password, and I didnt give them my e-mail is it possible I could cancel this suscription or will I have to pay this bill for the rest of my life.

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    Your only real option is to contact Host Orbit and have them terminate your service.

    ... if that doesn't work, have your credit card company put a block on their charges.

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    If you cannot recover your account details if you lose them, then it is rather pointless. I would recommend getting a new and different webhost, and terminate your current one.

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    You should look into help - what does they say about password recovery? Maybe they will need just your personal data: name, surname, date of birth or CC number? Try to post a ticket a local support.
    If the answer is not in your favor - email the whole problem, write everything that may help to local support. Chat with them in case they have a live chat.
    Once again - read carefully agreement between customer and this company. There should be soe points on quitting. If there are no - just write to them that you want to quit.
    Robertall is right - you should find a better host with more reliable password recovery and quitting system. Try searching in WHT.

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    yes the above suggestions are good enough.

    Next could u plz tell why did u quit your current host, apart if it is something personal to do

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    yeah! simply say them you want to shift away from there service, or say them you are not satisfied with there service, many hosts also give Money Back gurantee, in limited time too... so best it to mail and discuss things in detail.

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    Are you charges by Credit Card, or By PayPal?

    If it is by paypal you can do it on your paypal account.
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    Yep, the best option you have is contact them as mentioned above.
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    Hosts can get really greedy when it comes time to cancel an account so unless they are nice to you even though you wont be their customer anymore, they have some problems. Make sure you get want you want when canceling.
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    I see that they dont have a toll free number.
    I agree with the above posts, if you are billed by paypal just cancel your subscription. If you are billed by a credit card call the card provider and place a block on all future charges.
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    I must say that I am surprised by all the people just saying 'cancel the payment with CC or Paypal'.

    As hosts yourself, how would you react if a client just cancelled the payments rather than notified you that they wish to cancel their account as per your T&C's?

    Directly cancelling a payment should be a last resort. You should contact the company concerned and explain the circumstances of lost passwords etc and your request to close the account.

    Only if you can't get results going through things in the correct manner should you consider doing a direct payment cancellation. In this situation you should also write to the host, explaining that you have attempted to cancel the account in the correct manner with no success and stating that you will be cancelling payments as you see this as the only option left.

    Certainly with our Terms, we require 30 days notice of termination and the client would be responsible for all charges up until the end of that 30 day period. Direct cancellation of payments would result in the possible use of our debt recovery procedures if relevant notification hadn't been given.
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