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    Any company can setup all security for D.Server?

    I am not expert in setting up the server security settings.

    Any dedicated server company can offer the sever package which also setting up the security for me, and I can upload the files and start to run my website immediately?

    Thanks so much

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    This calls for thelinuxguy rack911, they have 3 security plans to choose from. I have always been using theirs. with great satisfaction.

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    One thing that seems to be being overlooked here is that the OP is "not expert in setting up the server security settings" and may also not be experienced in maintaining the security of the server.

    If this is the case then he might want to go with another management company, one that offers long term management rather than simply setup as Steve has let it be known that he doesn't do contractural work.

    We use Geeks4Help, though there are a great many others (FSM, etc.) that are commonly recommended here on WHT.

    Just something to think about....
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