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    qmail and SELinux

    Hey everyone, I really need some help!! I am a newbie and i have this big project to do with some other people.

    You see, i have to configure a secure mail server. For some reason, my teacher said that the server OS should have SELinux, so I installed Fedora Core 3 with the SELinux option on. For my pop/smtp servers i decided to configure Qmail, but then i realized that the installation and configuration of qmail requires that SELinux option to be set off.

    I heard qmail is very secure, but, is there something I can do in order to provide my mail server the security policies provided by SELinux? if there is, please let me know, because i don't know what to do, and if there isn't, also let me know, so i can explain to my teacher what it can't be done!!

    THANK YOU!!!


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    I seem to have a lot of problem running anything with SELinux enabled too. Maybe some of the experts down here care to teach?

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    SeLinux in my opinion is not ready for production use.
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