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    Hi, Im staff for Final Earth its a 2d rpg getting quite popular chedburn network who own torncity own us now torn city has over 30 000 active users and our game has about 20 right now before we advertise we need a server but possibly getting sponsored... once we advertise on torn city Final Earth will become popular and the sponsored company would get alot of hits but the problem is our game is made in Visual Basics so it requires a windows server to run on.

    But my point is does anyone know a company who sponsors servers doenst have to be the best in the world.

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    Here's the basic argument you need to consider when looking for sponsorships...

    Since you are looking for service that costs real money, whatever you have to offer must be worth at least what the provider needs to pay for it and, arguably, what they could get for it in the general market. But... if your offer is worth the general market price, you should be able to generate enough income to pay for the server.
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