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    VPS recomendations

    I am in need of a VPS package....and would like to have some suggestions. I have been seriously looking (and trying) for the last couple days...and believe it or not...I can not find a decent place!

    I have looked into shared packages....but I can not find any that allow ODBC MSSQL I think I am stuck with a VPS.

    Most of the time, places that I find offer WAY too big of packages. (Yes...isnt that strange! hehe) I see no reason to pay for 2 or 3 times what I need....and will never use.

    I thought I had found the right place (Dinix), but it appears their support team is on vacation. I dont mind not having 24/7 support....just TELL ME THAT. Dont advertise on your site 24/7 and then answer the phone when you get out of bed at noon unitl you go out partying at 6pm.

    I am just looking for a good place with good support and hardware. Nothing extreme. So....any recomendations?

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    So you need a Windows VPS?

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