I wanted to post this on webhostingtalk.com for administrators and web hosting owners to own this $1,194.00 product for no charge. It's a enterprise level backup & restore tool for Microsoft SQL Server. Hope you find this useful.

Enterprise-scale Backup and Recovery for SQL Server

Idera’s SQLsafe provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. Designed to meet the needs of enterprise-scale SQL Server implementations, SQLsafe provides fast-compressed and secure-encrypted backup, reduced storage costs, automated multi-server backup management, enterprise manageability and reduced mean time to recovery. From implementations with tens of SQL servers to enterprises with thousands of servers spread around the globe, SQLsafe is the only SQL Server backup and recovery solution that scales to meet the challenge.
With that in mind..
A. http://www.idera.com/Products/SQLsafe/
B. Click 'Add to Cart' from the right-hand column
C. Click 'Proceed to Checkout'
D. Enter the requested information (remember to give correct phone #, they will contact you) and the Promotion code: libresafe
E. Follow the prompts to complete your order, download the product and start using it (if you followed instructions, do not input CC info, and proceed as if you did).
F. Our support team will send your permanent license key within two business days