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    * MerakMail with Sql2000 is Prompting Pass for users!

    We have a w2003 Standart Gold server with AMD BARTON 2.8 CPU + 1 GB RAMS on 36 GB SCSI.

    Our IIS, FTP & SQL2000 is running well. As we have mounted a MERAK Mail Server PRO 8.0.3 and used ODBC with SQL DATABASE it ran well for one month.

    Now our users are always experiencing a problem like

    -ERR incorrect user or password.

    this happens most in the day when we have overload I guess. But not everyone is living the problem. SMTP & POP3 services are running well as they are installed new. What can cause this WRONG PASSWORD Sypmtom ?

    Anyone living this issue ?.

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    Hello -

    This generally happens when Merak looses its connectivity with MSSQL/ODBC or general network issue between Merak and MSSQL.

    I'ld like to know what kinda setup do you have? Do you have MSSQL and Merak on same server or different servers. If different then problems would be frequent as there are chances of Connection drops between server. I'll suggest you to use backup ODBC for Merak so if connectivity looses with one ODBC it can try to connect the another one.

    If you dont have any backup ODBC/MSSQL then I'll suggest you to roll back to the Professional File system.

    If you require some help with Merak setup you can contact me directly on my MSN.

    Rubal Jain // E-Mail - Rubal [at] Rubal.Net
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    Helm Server Move, Service Migrations, Restorations, IP Renumbering
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