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    [Hire me] Technical Support/ Sales Reprentative- Will work for $10.00 a week 40+Hours

    Well, School is out for me for the summer now, However I do have a few night classes I am attending. I have 4 years experience in Web Development, and I am attending school to be in a Technical Related Field. I currently manage a few local sites, but its not much to do as I am a fast worker and generally get done extremely quick with content changes ect. However, I am generally on the computer for 40+ hours a week anyway and I am looking for a Technical Related Job for a Web Hosting Company or Something related. Below I have provided my expierences.

    Technical Abilities
    - Operating System Trouble Shooting
    - PHP, CGI, and PERL Trouble Shooting
    - Extensive knowledge in Command Prompts
    - Extensive knowledge in Cpanel/Whm
    - MYSQL Servers Trouble Shooting
    - E-mail Servers Trouble Shooting
    - DNS Servers Trouble Shooting
    - Database Servers Trouble Shooting
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Extensive knowledge in CSS, HTML, Java, and JavaScript
    - Extensive knowledge in several graphical programs.
    - Extensive knowledge Marketing

    I also am comfortable doing support in many mediums such as email, helpdesk, forum, live help. I know the ends and outs of several helpdesks, and live help software. I perfer to only do work with cpanel/whm servers, however I do know some about plesk. I am comfortable doing sales related inquiries as well, and I do have quite a bit expierence in doing so.

    To sum it up I am basically wanting a Level 1/2 Technical Support Job, and I would be happy to double as a Sales Representative. I am willing to work around 40 hours a week, for a pay of 10 dollars a week as well.

    If you are interested, I perfer you private message me. Or you can post here and I will try and answer your question.

    Thanks for your time

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    I would like to share my expierence with those who may be interested in hiring theinvention. I was privilaged to have him on my staff a few months ago. He is a kind, caring individual and a great support technication. He was always courteous to me, and he was a team player. I really enjoyed working with him, he was one of the main live chat support representatives. He closed many sales for us as well, and my clients were sad to see him go. I wish I could hire him back myself, but I have a full staff.

    TheInvention, I was wondering why you are asking for so little money? You are a great tech, and I trust that you could be asking for so much more.

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    The reason I am asking for little money is because I am trying to get some more work expierence, and money is not really a priority at the moment. Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

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    You are hired

    please pm me your contact phone number


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    Great catch templaters

    If things fall through with templaters, please pm me your contact info and I'll hire you.
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    I am still available for hire. Also, My aim name is: TheInvention03 If one perfers to discuss matters with me via aim.

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    Are you still looking or have you been hired?

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    I am still not officially hired as of yet.

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    Hello theinvention,

    I am also willing to hire you, however not for $10 a month. If you are also interested please drop me a line at: [email protected] with the hours of operation which you will be available. I will also include what I will be paying along with the tasks/duties that are required to be done.

    You say you have troubleshooting experience in operating systems. Which operating systems? If you aren't already hired, if you like, drop me a line and I may ask you a few questions as it would be silly not to

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    All emails and Private Messages have been sent. Also, I can show examples of my work with Advertising Banners, and Web Design as some of you have been requesting to see.

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    theinvention, email sent.
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    trying to contact you via MSN
    ([email protected])
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