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    * Pay me, I'll work.

    After my recently failed attempts at finding both local and telecommuting employment, I have arrived in a position that appears to be somewhat desperate.

    I am searching avidly for some sort of job opportunity, although I am not exactly sure what it is I am looking for. I am quite lacking in regards to work experience related to any sort of position that would indeed be appropriate for what I desire, as the work experience I do possess is not only trivial, but unrelated.

    Essentially, I am looking for any sort of employment that would be openly available to someone with my said experience. Writing, programming, tech support, etc; Iím looking for an opportunity to not only showcase what I am already capable of, but also vastly improve and expand upon my rather limited skill set.

    My writing to this forum exists not only as an outlet to express my inability to achieve gainful employment, but also in an effort to offer a cost effective service opportunity to the experienced businessman who may have once been in my position. As a student with relatively low salary requirements and rather ample time at my fingertips, I cannot foresee any potential reason for the dismissal of a reasonable employment opportunity presented to me.

    If you believe that you have such a proposition, or any questions regarding my post, I implore you to contact me immediately via PM to discuss any details regarding the services you require. Replies will be ignored. Thanks in advance.

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    What are your skills of programming?
    How much are you looking for as salary.


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    Re: Pay me, I'll work.

    Originally posted by intransit
    Replies will be ignored.

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    Seems a bit silly when you are trying to sell something to ignore replies, but I expect he has his reasons

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