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    Defcon - Is in need of staff


    A friend and I recently engaged ourselves in a new project – Defcon.
    Defcon is nothing more, yet nothing less than a gamer’s league.

    Clans of different top games are able to join Defcon for a small monthly fee. The clan, once joined and having paid its first month’s subscription (half-price), will be entered into a league in which there are other clans who play the same game.
    The clans in each league will compete against one another mainly for fun. However the top third of clans in the Division 1 for each game are given a game server for one season – each season being 3 months. E.g. if we have 15 clans in the CounterStrike: Source Division 1, at the end of the season the top 5 will all receive a game server for 1 complete season.
    These clans with their game servers will have an advantage – they will be able to train whenever they want and may also recruit on the server.
    But there is more, every number one clan of a game gets paid.
    We believe that this kind of project is that of a revolutionary status since it has never been done before. We also find the idea of the project quite fun, since we are gamers ourselves.

    We do have the resources needed for such a project (hosting, game servers and money at hand) to start this project. However we lack staff members. Such a large-scale project requires more than two people to run.
    Defcon is in need of a lot of interested and motivated people – preferably gamers. If you know you can help us and believe in the future of Defcon and have skills which we are interested in:

    § Website designers and coders
    § Advertising staff
    § Forum moderators
    And many more jobs which you feel would help us;

    Email us at [email protected]

    Thanks for your time,

    The Defcon Team

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    You will be actually paying to someone just for moderating your forums?
    If so, how much $ are we talking about?

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    Dear Gleb,

    No we arnt paying any kind of service at this moment.
    We are starting a project that we find interesting, a project that might turn out very big in the near fututure.
    We are looking for people who are as motivated, as interested and as determined as we are. Therefor they will be freelancers untill other opertunitys for defcon arrise.


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